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Looking to take your Amazon sales to the next level?

Want to increase your conversion rate and product ranking without spending more on advertising?

As you know, Amazon is competitive regardless of your niche.

That's why it’s more important than ever that your listing has persuasive sales copy that makes your product stand out from your competitors.

And that’s where I come in.

If you have an existing product that you know could, and should, be selling at higher volumes.

Or, you have a great product ready to launch but are stuck on what to write to grab a buyer’s attention.

Whether this is your first Amazon product or you have a line of 100+. I can work with you to improve your sales.

My goal is to create a powerful listing that resonates with your target audience.

A listing that strategically captures a buyer’s attention and leads them on a journey to the buy button.

A listing that separates your product from the competition and establishes you as the leader in your category

A listing that focuses on what your customers want, not what Amazon’s search engine wants.

Don’t get me wrong, keywords are important, but they should take a back seat when it comes to your product description.

If you’ve been too focused on SEO in the past, that’s OK, it’s where many listings fall short.

I can refine your listing by naturally incorporating keywords into the description, not the other way around.

The only concern I want you to have is how you’re going to spend your new-found profits.

For each listing I provide the following to give you the best possible competitive edge:

· Expert Keyword and Competitor Research - Capitalize on your competition's mistakes

· Ultra Captivating Product Title - Grab your readers' attention and stand out in a crowded marketplace

· Priceless Benefits - Showcase the main benefits of your product in your bullet points in a way that your customers won’t be able to resist

· Emotional Sales Copywriting – A carefully crafted product description with words that empathize with a buyer's problem and show that your product is the obvious solution

· Mobile Optimization – All my listings are optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing – did you know that 72% of Amazon customers shopped on the mobile app in 2016?

· Backend Search Terms - Use Amazon Seller Central to your advantage and get your listing found even if your customer spells a keyword wrong! - This is also vital for PPC campaigns

· HTML formatted version of the product description – Ready for you to copy and paste straight into Amazon

Are you ready to transform your listing from okay to outstanding?

I want you to wake up in the morning excited to check your Amazon account and the prospect of seeing more sales than you ever thought possible!

If it sounds like we'd be a good fit, the email me at the address below for a custom quote.


P.S. My services don’t end when your listing goes live, I also write email follow-ups (maximize those 5 star reviews), and offer consulting on PPC campaigns for FBA products

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